The WiiWare Elite


Website Rules


 General Rules:

 This is just a guideline to show that you just can't do everything that you may want.

- No Cursing, swearing or abusive langauge.  This includes cursing "Abbreviations"

- No posting of links to outside content that may be viewed as corrupt, illegal, violent, or pornographic: NO nudity or partial nudity.

- Respect each other, you would want no less for yourself.

- Report abuse of the website's content or rules. 

- Don't steal the website's content. If you are interested, ask the clan leader by sending a message to Lipbalm's Inbox.

-No DRAMA!-If you don't have something nice to say, then don't speak.-If you are mad at someone-get over it!  If you just have to let them know, then you may NICELY private messsage them in their inbox under their username.  BUT NEVER FOR PUBLIC TO VEIW YOUR BASHINGS!-If you break this, you're out of here.

Forums- Rules are same as stated above in the GENERAL RULES section.

Photos and Videos-  You are not permitted to post photos or videos on this site unless you have been given direct permission from an administrator or the site owner.  All videos and photos must not include yourself or any other human, game content ONLY is permitted. 

You may however post links to videos outside of this website, but those videos must meet the criteria listed above in the GENERAL RULES section.


Any violator of the above rules may receive disciplinary action, up to and including termination of their right to use this site.


The site owner and administrator reserve the right to remove any content they consider to be a violation of these rules.  



If you have additional questions, please contact a Site Administrator by sending a message to thier inbox.


WW Rankings

Bronze - 0-499  
Silver - 500-999  
Gold - 1000-1999 
Sapphire - 2000-2999 
Ruby - 3000-5999 
Diamond - 6000-7999 
Star - 8000-9999 
Lunar - 10000-19999 
Sun - 20000-39999 
Superstar 40000+ 

(Courtesy of Slide)